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Shutters and light control

All tests are passed on the breadboard, it's time to solder a first prototype:

Here a Raspberry Pi accesses:

This home automation system already controls the temperature and humidity since several weeks. Now it also control the light and shutters.

In the background, the Raspberry Pi computes the sunrise and sunset times of the day. Half an hour after sunrise, it opens the shutters and switches off the light. Half an hour before sunset, it closes the shutters and switches on the light.

The next steps are to control a light dimmer and another luminosity sensor monitoring outside luminosity.

A light dimmer would allow to progressively shut on or off the light while the shutters close or open.

Monitoring outside luminosity will take into account the laziness of the sun (or rather the clouds hiding its light) some days.

Home automation is definitely a never ending story.

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