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User onboarding via SMS

numerunique improves the identification of a new user: it is now as simple as sending an SMS!

The easiest way to understand it is to try it: https://nun.tf/identification.php.

Previously, and it is still possible, you had to enter an email address, confirm it, enter a password, confirm it and you could, in addition, enter your postal address. Moreover, but it is invisible to the user, it involves a complex processing (and far from being infallible) to ensure that the email address provided is indeed valid and corresponds to a legitimate user.

In fact, two spammers had even taken the opportunity to enter instead of the postal address a link to a site selling products such as those usually offered in spam. Otherwise, the procedure was obviously dissuasive seeing the number of site visits that ended on the identification page.

The vast majority of automated browsing (by robots) of websites, and the website numerunique is no exception, is a worrying reality. numerunique website is intended for humans and refuses to impose the famous anti-robot "captchas" on them. The identification of a user remains the best solution to favor useful exchanges and it is also essential to any commercial relationship.

The use of a mobile number as an identifier is relatively classic. On the other hand, asking the user to send an SMS to declare his mobile number is more innovative. Note that if a new user accesses the numerunique website from his mobile phone (probably the majority of cases), all he has to do is to click on the recipient number (virtual number for receiving numerunique SMS) to initiate the sending of the SMS to request his identification.

Onboarding a user is therefore done almost in one click!

Sending an SMS for this identification is also a very advantageous solution:

Comments or remarks about this device are welcome! And of course, you have to identify yourself for that :-)

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